Role of the Us in Wirld Affairs 1900-1920

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MUP | ‘The role of the United States in world affairs, 1900-1920’ | | | Valeria Kodolova | 26.11.2012 | | 910 words After the Spanish-American War, the USA started an aggressive foreign policy in order to maintain order, prevent foreign intervention (especially of the European countries) & protect U.S. economic interests. The foreign policy of the USA evolved from strict neutrality to imperialist. I would like to touch some important points connected to this problem in my research. By the year 1900 the USA emerged as a great power. There were various circumstances which helped the USA to become successful, powerful and prosperous nation. Firstly, the USA asserted their dominance in Spanish-American war by taking control over Cuba and getting colonial authority over Guam and Puerto Rico according to the Treaty of Paris in 1898. It was a big step for them, because they had economic ties with the Cubans.” American investments of $50 million, mostly in sugar plantations, dominated the Caribbean island. More than 90 percent of Cuba’s sugar was exported to the United States, and most island imports came from the United States.” Secondly, USA navy became one of the largest in the world by 1900. The annexation of Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico and some other small islands had a huge significance for the US navy, because they had a chance to use naval bases taken during wars from these countries to help them to put ambitions which they had into action. Thirdly, the USA asserted economic control over almost all Latin America. The reason was that because the USA produced more goods than they could use, they needed expansion of their market abroad. Moreover, the population of the USA doubled during the period of 1870-1914. The industry production reached a point of 10 billion dollars by the 1900 and Industries, such as steel, textiles,
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