Why The Us Economy Boomed In The 1920's

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Explain why the US economy ‘boomed’ during the 1920’s? An economic boom is the rapid growth in a country’s money making that leads to increased prosperity and wealth. The 1920’s was a time of extreme highs and lows, a time of dramatic changes in society and many new inventions. Many American industries boomed in the 1920s, with the economy doubling in size. This economic boom was based around consumer goods-luxury items that many Americans wanted to buy but didn’t really need. The ‘booming’ economy began to self-generate, many industries thriving off the success of each other. As more people were employed, they had more money to spend, which increased the demand for products and resulted further in the economic boom. The average household was beginning to be able to afford new products which were becoming much more affordable as increased popularity caused many products to be massed produced. Making the price of many new inventions and products more affordable for the general public. Domestic goods like cookers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and radios becoming affordable products owned by the average family and very popular with housewives. Several new Industries began to appear due to new techniques and methods as the public’s demands increased for things like cars, electrical products, and domestic goods. Cars, chemicals, and electrical products were being produced by the masses to keep up with consumer demands. This caused industries like steel, glass and rubber to boom creating more and more jobs. Plastics like Bakelite were developed and used in household products. Electricity was present in many American homes and led to the development in more electrical products. I believe that the technological change contributed to the economic boom because many people were excited by the prospect of products that were not manual and meant that their lives were made
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