How Was Mass Production a Key Feature of the Usa's "Boom"

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Was the introduction of mass production the most important reason for the economic boom in the USA in the 1920’s? Why and what was the most important reasons for Americas economic boom almost a century ago? In this essay I will explain what the most important reason for the great economic boom in the USA during the 1920’s was and why it is. One of the main causes that was in the initial essay question was mass production. Henry Ford made cars for a living and came up with this way of easily producing cars cheaply, efficiently and on a very large scale. Mass production worked through a conveyer belt moving a car through the entire factory. Workers would have a single job all day and that was to stand in one position and wait for the car to come round then place a certain part on it. Not only did this make the making of the car easier however it stopped the workers having to move around as much hence making there a job easier. This cause led to the boom because since cars were being made in such large numbers the rule of supply and demand came into action. Supply and demand is when the supply of something becomes higher then the demand decreases therefore the prices also drop. In 1908 car prices were about $850 however by 1925 car prices plunged to $265. This method not only created over 500,000 jobs in the automobile industry but it also caused the entire economy to rise. This was because structures such as petrol stations were built to run the cars, taxi drivers appeared, and people could travel further to go to work meaning, again, more jobs were created. Another very important factor of the boom was mass marketing or in other words advertising. This worked through catalogues, signs and posters as technology at that time was not as advanced as now. This was a very important cause in the boom because it meant that more and more people could become aware of a
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