12. Governments Should Offer a Free University Edu Essay

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Education plays the most vital part in establishing an individual’s personality and intellectuality. Education is the building block in a child’s development. The basic or the fundamental level of education should be made free for all and sundry. However, making education free at university level would result in varied problems. Student after leaving high schools when goes for college, they already become mature enough to be aware of their aptitudes and some even decides their future goal. Every year in a particular academic batch some students chooses to go for professional degrees, while some others goes for varied vocational trainings and few others who actually have an penchant for research goes for higher education. However if education is made free for all and sundry, then every student will be tempted to attain college. This will result in high increase rate of unemployment. For a vacation with limited seats unlimited qualified students would apply. The concept of free education at university level would have been possible in 1950’s or 60’s, when number of students were much less compared now. Taking into account of the demographic chart it is almost an impossible task for the government to provide free education. The economic condition of the country would undergo a huge transformation. Even if, it provides free education still the question lies where the government gets its funds. The most obvious answer is by increasing tax, which once again would be a bigger blow on the people. Apart from these, free university education would also result in deteriorating the quality of education. It will be difficult not only to provide best facilities like library full of varied books, laboratories, equipments etc, but it would also be highly challenging to provide the apt amount of salary to the staff and teachers. As a consequence of lesser remuneration lesser

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