Two Years Are Better Than Four

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Two-years are better than four Is a four-year “college experience – a rite of passage” as Perlstein wrote? Or is Addison correct in her belief that a two-year college is a “priceless springboard for students who want to learn?” While attending a two-year college the experience has shown me that I can learn quickly and can advance my education with the knowledge learned at a two-year college. Too many students seem to quit a four-year school, in debt and with a lower chance of obtaining adequate employment. Many of these students may have felt they were wasting their time in a four-year program. In contrast, going to a two-year college before a four-year university maybe a wiser choice, educationally and financially. Community college gives everyone a chance to follow their dreams. A two-year college opens the door to education to everyone without any reserve. I agree with the statement Addison borrowed from Thomas Jefferson, "Everybody should have an education proportional to their life.” However income differences between rich and poor in America make entry to four-year education difficult for those of limited means. Two-year colleges give those of lower income levels the opportunity to a lower cost education. I feel Perlstein is incorrect, and even as the income difference between rich and poor stays unbalanced, a two-year college can give an education opportunity to those who wish to learn, but cannot afford a four-year university. A graduate of a four-year university may have trouble finding a job after graduation, and also be in debt without an income. Whereas, a graduate of a two-year college may have an easier time finding employment and then having the means to save money to attend a four-year university without having to take out loans. I fully believe that only those who have attended college can truly talk about their experiences. They know
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