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Nobody State University: Total Revenue Increase Evangelina Mwangi January 27, 2014 Instructor: Sean Bedard-Parker Overview My company, Somebody’s Money Revenue Service, sent me to evaluate and assess the risks of raising or lowering tuition cost with enrollment in order to develop an increase in total revenue for the Nobody State University. Student enrollment is at an all-time low for the university and needs encouragement to increase. With nearby competition from bigger and shorter term schools such as Everybody University and Smart Tech USA, a solution which can compete for student enrollment through tuition or incentive programs is needed. As a representative of Somebody’s Money Revenue Services, I am here to present the Nobody State University (NSU) with the solution to a lack of sufficient revenue from low student enrollment and tuition prices. In this presentation, I will explain the pros and cons of raising or lowering tuition versus student enrollment and how price elasticity will come into play with the tuition variable, as well as inform how I might approach the situation from the position of President of the university. Proposed: Pros and Cons NSU should raise tuition in order…show more content…
This would be because the rise in cost would outweigh the number of students enrolling and yet if the amount were (-0.8), the amount of students would likely remain the same but it would not raise total revenue high enough to cover cost. If, however, a change in the amount is non-negotiable, it is best to find a way to encourage more student to enroll with NSU by accepting those with scholarships and providing funding for those who may be a little more willing with some of the financial concerns eliminated for a postponed

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