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  • K101 Tna02 Essay

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    TMA02 Part A Health services in the UK have an aim which is ‘The care and support that we provide for people should enable them to make the most of their lives’. I am going to look into Social care services and how well they support individuals and their needs. I will also look into any ways in which they can improve the social care services to meet this aim. We will go back to Ann and Angus’ story as well as looking into the stories of Brian Hole, Clarice Jones, Aerwyn Hall and Lyn Smith who

  • Unit 11 K101

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    misrepresent how people are seen (K101,Unit 11,p140). I will discuss why it is important when providing care for someone to avoid making assumptions based on stereotypes and how individual care workers can safeguard against doing this. Many groups of people are affected by stereotypes when they try to access care services. I will be using the

  • K101 Essay

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    of not engaging with mainstream or other statutory services. “Socially excluded means lacking opportunities and experiences that are taken for granted by the general population” (Wiles, F. K101 Block 3, Unit 9, Pg 33). Maslow felt that for individuals to be able to become “self-actualising” (Walmsley, J. K101 Bock 1, Unit 3, pg 131) they needed to have their basic needs met first before they can look at social inclusion. Through this essay I will be looking at how advocacy and support can support

  • K101 Tma02 Essay

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    enabling the client to enjoy community activities, such as going to the cinema or the pub, with a companion. This may involve specialist training and risk analysis. The concept can prevent and instil vulnerability. One such example is shown in K101 Block 1, Unit 3. (Open University, 2014) In this case study Elvis Malcolm accompanies Aerwyn Hall to a local computer class and he is also a companion for Aerwyn for when he goes to play snooker. The relationship between them has been structured in

  • Tma02 K101 Essay

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    ‘The care and support that we provide for people should enable them to make the most of their lives’ (DH, 2006, p. 13). How successful are health and/or social care services in achieving this aim? In this assignment I will focus on the changes within the health care services, the complex team involved in identifying and meeting individual’s needs. Enabling the service user to maintain their lifestyle as far as is possible. I will be using the case study of Anwar Malik whom is 54 years old from

  • K101 Tmao1 Essay

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    to support the cared for individual due to lack of training or experience and physical strain on them. This is illustrated in case study of Angus and Ann as when we first meet them, Ann is “suffering from physical exhaustion” (Cavaye, 2008,quoted in K101 Resources p 8) this is because she is on constant call. A number of physical demands and mental pressures are put on Ann and this is true of the majority of carers. According to the UK census in 2001 it was established that approx. 32% of carers

  • K101 - Tma01

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    What might be some of the difficulties and rewards of being a carer for a family member? Use examples from unit 1 to illustrate your answer. The Term “carer” is defined by the government as; ‘someone who looks after a friend, relative or neighbour who needs support because of their sickness, age or disability’. The Carers Trust adds ‘substance misuse problems’ (CarersTrust UK, 2013). Although Ann (case study 1) fits in with the government definition, she does not see herself as a carer. This

  • K101 Tma02 Essay

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    what care services are available to people with long term health conditions, and why is it important that these services should take into account individuals sensitivities and circumstances. The example of Anwar Malik from the course will be used. (K101 An Introduction to Health & Social Care: Who Cares? Page 71) There are around 15 million people in England with at least one long term health condition; a condition that cannot be cured but can be managed through medication or therapy. Health

  • K101 Tma3 Essay

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    TMA3: Identity can be threatened for people needing and receiving care services. Using one or more of the situations in Block 2, explain why this is so and what care workers can do to support a sense of self. To answer the question I will discuss how identity can be threatened for children needing and receiving care services. I will look to do this through the case studies in unit five and the potential negative impacts upon children’s identities who are receiving care and how these can

  • Health And Social Care K101

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    (2010) Working together for better diabetes care - – K101 An introduction to health and social care, Resources (The Open University 2010) p.23 2 Roberts, S. (2010) Working together for better diabetes care - – K101 An introduction to health and social care, Resources (The Open University 2010) p.24 Part B Developing care relationships Please read the guidance for Part B

  • K101: Health And Social Care Services

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    should not just be about making people comfortable but about helping them to fulfil their potential, whatever their circumstances. In this essay I will be discussing both the health, and social care services I have gained knowledge about from studying K101 Block 1, involving the experiences of Anwar Malik, Ann Walker, Angus McPhail and the company Somebody Cares. Anwar is a 54 year old Muslim living in the Midlands along with his wife and four children. Over a period of time, Anwar began to start

  • K101 Health And Social Care Services Case Study

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    Introduction This essay will consider whether health and/or social care services enable people to make the most of their lives. It is important that services can be user led and person centred. I will use the example of Anwar Malik from the course book. (K101 An introduction to Health and Social Care: Who Cares? Page 71). This case also highlights the issue of managing long term health conditions. This case outlines that ‘one size does not fit all’ scenario which culminated in a serious but manageable

  • K101 What Might Be Some of the Difficulties and Rewards of Being a Carer for a Family Member?

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    2010a, p. 12) This essay aims to look at how being a carer may impact on an individual, focusing on the rewards and difficulties that may arise whilst caring for a family member. The case study of Anne Walker (Cavaye, 2010a, pp.5-21) from the K101 Resources book will be used to for illustration purposes. Anne became the main carer for her step father Angus after the loss of her Mother. There are many difficulties that can arise when caring for a family member, it can be both mentally

  • One of the K101 Five Principles of Care Practice Is ‘Support People in Having a Voice and Being Heard’. Why Is It Important for Care Workers to Do This and How Can They Do so?

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    This essay will focus on one of the K101 five key principles of care practice “Support people in having a voice and being heard”; firstly this essay will define the statement “Support people in having a voice and being heard”, secondly I will then explain why it is important for care workers to put this principle into practice, by using Goffman’s “Total institution” and Lennox Castle hospital as comparison and former patient Margaret Scully, (K101 block 2, unit 7), as examples of when voices go

  • K101 Tma03 Why Can Recounting Past Experiences Be Important in Helping Service Users Have a Sense of Who They Are? Should Care Workers Always Encourage People to Recall Their Pasts?

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    Should care workers always encourage people to recall their pasts? Recounting past experiences can be very important for all people to help them have a sense of who they are. Reminiscing about the past is a ‘normal and natural mental activity’ (K101, Unit 5, p39), which everybody does during daily life. However, some people may find certain aspects of their lives difficult to talk about. It is more important for service users of all aspects of health and social care, because their past in most

  • Why Are Role Boundaries Improtant in Care Work, and How Can Care Workers Mainain Suitable Relationships with Their Service Users?

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    and how can care workers maintain suitable relationships with their service users? This essay will consider why role boundaries are important in care work and how suitable relationships can be maintained with service users. Information from the K101 unit and DVD will be used to show the importance of role boundaries and care relationships. With the vast array of health care available in the UK. From the teams of health care workers in Primary Care trusts, Secondary care teams of specialists in

  • Ann Walker Case Study

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    and highlight some of the challenges experienced by such staff. In this essay I will discuss the challenges and tensions that can be experiences by service users and care workers. I will draw on the case study of Angus Mcphail and Yetunde from K101 block 1. As we followed the case study of Ann Walker who was struggling with all the challenges of being a carer, wife and mother. Ann then requested support through Social Services. The process was long as it took months from the first phone call

  • Quality Care Relationships Essay

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    rewarding and challenging for all involved. - What are some of the difficulties that may face those providing and receiving care and how might these be overcome? From my own knowledge and understanding, after listening to set case studies on the K101 DVD showing diverse situations with regards to the difficulties faced when providing and receiving care, I have found that there are two main types of carers that are being focused on. The unpaid carer, that willingly cares on for a friend or relative

  • Involving Residents Is a Feature of the New Deal for Communities Approach.

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    K101 An introduction to health and social care, October 2009 Copyright © 2009 The Open University eTMA 04 Assignment Template Name: Myriam Lee PI number: Part A: Essay Option Number: 1 Title: Involving residents is a feature of the New Deal for Communities approach. Discuss the advantages and the challenges of involving local people in the running of community health projects. Where and how we live can greatly impact on our opportunities in life. People living in deprived areas have

  • Tma4 K010 Essay

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    responsive to local needs and explain some challenges in achieving it. Delia Haque – SC ‘A social network consists of a set of people with whom one maintains contact and has some form of social bond.’ (K101, Unit 10, p75). This means that a social network is a group of people with which a person has regular interaction with such as family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues. In this essay it will show that a healthy neighbourhood can provide a