K101 Tma3 Essay

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TMA3: Identity can be threatened for people needing and receiving care services. Using one or more of the situations in Block 2, explain why this is so and what care workers can do to support a sense of self. To answer the question I will discuss how identity can be threatened for children needing and receiving care services. I will look to do this through the case studies in unit five and the potential negative impacts upon children’s identities who are receiving care and how these can be offset using life story work. I will also discuss what life story work is and how life story work can be beneficial in developing a child’s understanding a sense of self. The importance life experiences have on a child’s attachments and what is meant by attachments and how they form and vary. The importance of the care workers role in all of these points will also be discussed and how they can support children to develop a sense of self. It’s important to understand what is meant by identity. Identity can be seen superficially as a name or a date of birth of an individual, a sense of formally providing evidence of who you are. When you think about identity more broadly it becomes a more complicated question to answer. Identity therefore can be seen as a collection of life experiences which stem most significantly from our early life experiences as children. These can continue to influence what we do what values and beliefs we hold through our lives. When thinking of factors that influence an individual’s identity there can be many such as parents or carers the individuals race, nationality, cultural and religious beliefs make us who we are and what’s important to us. When we followed Jordan Morgan (not his real name) (OU unit 5, Activity on the DVD 2010) he had struggled with understanding where he had come from and the issues that had affected him and his
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