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  • The Colbert Report

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    Biased Media and the Colbert Report Abstract Biased Media and the Colbert Report When analyzing television, the rhetorical question exists “Is real life a reflection of television or is television a reflection of real life?” The answer depends on the program that is under analysis through the viewer’s lens. For example, societal issues such as politics are often treated with sarcasm and humor in television. In this case, clearly the answer to this question is television is a reflection of

  • Singing in the Rain

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    reality.” Another reason is because in Hollywood today the number of musical movies filmed compared to action or mystery films has dwindled. People are just no longer very interested in musical numbers and the people that do still enjoy that form of entertainment are very few. Going back to my first reason, what do I mean by “in touch with reality?” Well for starters audiences today tend to like to see the imperfections in situations just like how life is, imperfect. By creating newer movies that are

  • What Debt Does Global Hollywood's Blockbuster Cinema Owe to 1950's Exploitation or 1970's Blaxploitation Cinema? in Your Answer Discuss Whether the B Pics or Low Budget Exploitation Films Offered Their Niche Audiences

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    The term exploitation is used heavily in film marketing as reference to what a movie will take advantage of in order to be more appealing to audiences. Themes are often sensationalist and exaggerated at the expense of the quality of the cinema, effectively labelled by academics as paracinema. Many aspects of the production can be exploited, such as using violence or sex to lure viewers. Movies such as these became extremely popular during the 60's and 70's in response to less censorship. However

  • Gullibility in Today's Society

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    Gullibility in Today's Society   With the increase in media accessible devices - including TV, the internet, e-mail, cell phones, etc. - gullibility in society appears to be higher than ever. According to recent opinion polls and surveys, it’s safe to say that most Americans believe in some sort of paranormal phenomena with little to no scientific evidence to back it up. The authors Shari Waxman, a writer in New York, Phillip J. Klass, a founding member of CSICOP, and Melissa Pollak, a former worker

  • George Clooney: A Villain In The Film

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    A movie does not have to be good in order to catapult talent it just have to be interesting. It may awfully compare to other films released on the same date, but it the film catches your attention it may become more than just mare scenes put together. This movie is one example of how a low finance movie can do marvelous things for the careers of those involve in the movies. This movie did great things for the cast and crew despite being so mediocre. After a bank heist in Abilene with several casualties

  • Independent Film Essay

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    imagine about future or fantasy world. An Independent film (called Indie or Indy Film) is a film production that is produced mostly or completely outside of the major film studio system. In addition to being produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies, Independent film are also produced and/or distributed by subsidiaries of major film studios. Independent film are sometimes distinguishable by their content and style and the way of filmmaker. Usually, but not always, indie films are

  • Imax Essay

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    IMAX faced two critical questions: would IMAX lose its differentiation if it exhibited too many Hollywood movies and should IMAX be sold to a larger studio such as Sony, Disney, or Time-Warner? I think IMAX wouldn’t lose its differentiation and shouldn’t be sold to a larger studio. We can start our case with SWOT analysis. The strengths for IMAX include its film technology, partnership with theaters and strong brand name. IMAX films are printed on films that are 10 times larger than the 35 mm

  • Fandom as a Social Activity

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    FANDOM AS A SOCIAL ACTIVITY Unlike the individual fan, whose peer group or colleagues may coincidentally include like-minded film lovers, organized fandom involves fans specifically seeking out those who share their tastes, thereby becoming involved in a range of social, cultural, and media activities that take this shared fandom as their starting point. Film fandom can involve participating in online discussion and posting to sites such as the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com), joining film clubs

  • The Good Side of Reality Tv Speech

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    There are a lot of negative comments floating around about reality TV, but really they are as exaggerated as the great Perth storm the other week. These reality TV shows are made to be entertaining for you, the viewer, and if you don't like it there's this wonderful invention called the remote that allows the channel to be changed! Sure, nowadays reality TV seems to be getting a little out of hand, but this is only because we as viewers respond to the conflict and drama that comes with it. There

  • The World Fastest Indian

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    “The World’s Fastest Indian” (2005) is an insightful movie directed by the world renowned director, Roger Donaldson. A character I enjoyed in this film was Burt Munro. I enjoyed this character because of his high, uplifting spirit of determinat ion. Burt Munro is important because he reveals the ideas of ‘Manawanui (Perseverance),’ ‘Realising Your Dreams’ and ‘Overcoming Obstacles.’ These ideas are seen through the film techniques: dialogue, lighting and types of camera shots and angles. Burt

  • Can Tv Really Make You Smarter?

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    Some people in today’s society think TV is not good for you, but in Steven Johnson’s Watching TV Makes You Smarter, hemakes the argument that TV is very complex. He talks about how multiple threading in TV shows have many cognitive benefits. He also says thattelevision today makes you think more than it did previously. Overall TV affects people in more positive ways than they realize. Steven Johnson makes the argument that multiple threading has a positive impact on television today

  • Reasons Why We Watch Movies

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    Why do we Watch Movies? Most people would say that they watch a movie because it is a great source of entertainment and relaxation. There are also many different genres of films that we can choose from: comedy, action, war, etc. So we are able to pick movies that we expect to bring us certain forms of satisfaction. For people who choose to watch a comedy, they usually expect to be entertained and amused by the funny plot or the performances of the actors. They tend to want to get away from the

  • The Story Teller

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    Many parents with children know how hard it is to travel on long trips with them. In the short story “The Story Teller” by Saki, an aunt was traveling with 3 little children. When the tries to get the children’s attention, the children don’t respond to her and continue to disobey her. When a bachelor that was traveling in the same carriage as them starts to tell the offspring’s a story, the children, with hesitation at first, start to listen to him with excitement. The bachelor seemed to know what

  • Fi1158 Clip Analysis - Rescued by Rover

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    Assessment 1 – Clip Analysis How does director Lewin Fitzhamon use both monstration and narration to construct and clearly convey the narrative of Rescued By Rover? Rescued By Rover was released at a time where film as a medium for entertainment was becoming increasingly popular therefore more effort was being put into advancing film technology and films were getting longer. This resulted in narrative becoming a stronger aspect of films therefore filmmakers began to think of how to tell their story

  • Self-Evaluation of Country/Culture Speech

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    Self-Evaluation Country/Culture Speech In watching the video of my speech I could see that I was definitely still affected by my performance anxiety. I was shaking, and every time I would try to make eye contact I would lose all train of thought and my voice would sound shaky. I noticed that during my speech that there were some hand gestures being made, although most of which the audience would not have been able to see since I was keeping my hands behind the podium. Even though I did not have

  • Tribute Speech Self Evaluation

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    of my strengths in the speech include good eye contact, more of a connection with the audience, and a well-developed body of the speech. While watching the video, I don’t think my attention-getter was as successful as I thought it would be. I think most of my transitions were good and helped the flow of the speech. Compared with my object speech, my connection with the audience was better along with less fear of speaking in front of everyone. The weaknesses of my speech include a shaky delivery

  • Journal Assignment- Analyze Nonverbal Communicatio

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    medication. The use of kinesics would be the area of communication that I excel in even though I am nervous. I frequently make eye contact during a speech to make sure the message I am sending is being delivered. It provides feedback from the facial expressions of those in the audience. I feel that often times I make the correct facial expressions during a speech, however, like most people I would stay that posture seems to be my downfall with body movements. I know that of the few speeches I have had

  • Reflection Paper Com/321

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    formally structure outlines, and deliver a reputable speech. I went into the course with a lot of confidence in my ability- that is until I stepped in front of a class full of people I barely know. I assumed I would feel more comfortable in front of the crowd, but it had been a while. Well maybe, I thought, it would just take some practice so the rust would break loose. However, it was really great to be

  • Chapter 7 - Critical Thinking

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    1. Define the Objective Theory of Contracts. Objective Theory of Contracts means that the contract will be judged not by the personal or subjective intend, or belief, of a party but by outward, objective facts (like what the party said when entering into the contract, how the party acted or appeared, and the circumstances surrounding the contract) as interpreted by a reasonable person, rather than by the party’s own secret, subjective intentions. 2. On May 1, Brand Name Industries, Inc. (BNI)

  • Freedom Of Speech In The Media

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    The Tampering of Freedom of Speech In the Media Gilbert Anthony Martinez Charlotte Samuels Political Science 100 November 12, 2011 In this day and age of modern society dealing with an information based civilization, some people and agencies have a hard time with handling new and expressive forms of art and technological materials and due to this, our first amendment rights of freedom of speech are being violated unknowingly to many. We as a people are heavily influenced by the media