Singing in the Rain

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Singing in the Rain Essay In my opinion older musicals are to naïve for modern audiences. They are just way too happy and disconnected with reality. It is highly unlikely that a musical like Singin’ in the Rain would be successful in theatres today. A couple of reasons why I think that they would not be successful today are, number one, that they are very elaborate and exaggerated. People today like movies and musicals that are “in touch with reality.” Another reason is because in Hollywood today the number of musical movies filmed compared to action or mystery films has dwindled. People are just no longer very interested in musical numbers and the people that do still enjoy that form of entertainment are very few. Going back to my first reason, what do I mean by “in touch with reality?” Well for starters audiences today tend to like to see the imperfections in situations just like how life is, imperfect. By creating newer movies that are becoming more and more like things that could happen to us on any given day or movies that involve thrill, action, and special effects because this is what attracts viewers. Movies such as the avengers, divergent, hunger games, etc. attract so many different audiences because they are real and they cater to all different types of people and cultures. These movies differ from productions like singing in the rain because they are modern and could be a reality. Also bad things happen to the characters in the films that create suspense, which audiences love. My final reason is because the number of musicals has gone down a ton due to a lack of interest in what they have to offer. Musicals are now mostly only preformed on stages not on the big screen, such as on Broadway or even at local theaters. I just think that it is safe to say that our not only are musicals like singin’ in the rain not relative to todays lifestyle but
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