The Good Side of Reality Tv Speech

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There are a lot of negative comments floating around about reality TV, but really they are as exaggerated as the great Perth storm the other week. These reality TV shows are made to be entertaining for you, the viewer, and if you don't like it there's this wonderful invention called the remote that allows the channel to be changed! Sure, nowadays reality TV seems to be getting a little out of hand, but this is only because we as viewers respond to the conflict and drama that comes with it. There are many reality TV shows out there that do more good than harm. With 1998 came 'The Truman Show', a thought provoking but highly exaggerated film that highlights the negatives of this genre of television. Though true in some aspects, The Truman Show is an absolute extreme when it comes to the dark side of reality TV. Thinking about it, who would, in this day and age, watch something like that? We would find it too boring and predictable. Also, I think we are intelligent and moral enough to realise how creepy and wrong it is to watch everything someone does 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now since most of you have a pretty negative view of reality TV, I'm going to explain to you very carefully why we all need to stop whinging and accept that people love these shows for a reason, and they have just as much a place on our screens as any other television show. Firstly, one of the extraordinary things about reality TV is this it sometimes allows normal people and viewers to interact with the show. Many shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here etc require an audience input to either vote someone in to the next round or out of the show. What other type of show allows you to do this? None. You don't get a say in what happens in The Simpsons for example. Also, normal people can actually be on the show as they are always looking for contestants
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