The World Fastest Indian

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“The World’s Fastest Indian” (2005) is an insightful movie directed by the world renowned director, Roger Donaldson. A character I enjoyed in this film was Burt Munro. I enjoyed this character because of his high, uplifting spirit of determinat ion. Burt Munro is important because he reveals the ideas of ‘Manawanui (Perseverance),’ ‘Realising Your Dreams’ and ‘Overcoming Obstacles.’ These ideas are seen through the film techniques: dialogue, lighting and types of camera shots and angles. Burt Munro is a character I enjoyed because of his total dedication and wholeheartedness towards his dreams, living a day at a time. This is seen when at the start of the movie, Burt perseveres when making his bike, even though he was poor, he showed that nothing is impossible. Additionally, on his way to Bonneville, he meets a car dealer who offers him a job. He could have accepted the job, and turned down his dream of setting a land speed record. But he didn’t. He persevered, even through temptation that could give his life a U –Turn. This is important because he reveals the idea of ‘Manawanui’ of persisting through the most daring times of his life. This character is also important because he shows the idea of ‘Realising your Dreams.’ This is seen through when the cameraman uses specific film techniques such as lighting. This is because lighting is usually considered the fundamental parts in the movie, because it sets the feeling or mood. Similarly, the lighting used around Burt is also used to represent his feelings and moods. An example of this would be: when Burt asleep in his bed, then there is a flash- forward of Burt on Oreti Beach, Invercargill looking determined and ready for a challenge. This is depicted by the bright, clear, natural lighting of the sun shining on Burt’ s pensive face, to show endurance and diligence of Burt adopting his dream.
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