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English Essay 2C/D In order for a mainstream film to be successful and entertaining in today’s Western society, it must conform to audience’s expectations and offer something innovative to satisfy their expectancies. The groundbreaking motion picture Avatar (2009) Directed by James Cameron is a highly regarded and critically acclaimed film due to the films visual detail in the adventure of a paraplegic ex-marine who is sent on a mission to a new planet Pandora, who quickly becomes attached to the planet and the people, ultimately finding a new home. The film is highly renown for its stunning visuals whilst conforms to its mainstream audience expectancies, filmic conventions are used in a typical manner that are habitually seen in action and fantasy films. The film also displays values and attitudes such as traditional family values and capitalistic attitudes. As a Mainstream film Avatar relies heavily on the entertainment value of their audiences in order for it to be successful; Avatar ingeniously conforms to its audience’s expectations whilst enhancing the film with its unique and remarkable visual qualities. A major factor in the success of a film is its visual qualities that it beholds. The film Avatar as a 3-D motion picture significantly pioneered a new era in stunning visual films. Avatar is loaded with luminescent camera shots endlessly detailing the stunning planet of Pandora, the sensory images of binding luminous colors depicting the nature and environment of the planet. Throughout the film there is a beautifully illustrated scene of unity under the Na’vi tree, the Na’vi people are combined in unity and is a remarkable scene, the visual quality of white fluorescent tree colors and shot types of this scene helps assist the feeling of Unity that James Cameron is trying to evoke. The visual qualities that the film brings are truly entertaining on a

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