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The book Safety 24/7 was a book basically about safety in an industrial workplace. The book explained many safety tips to improve a safe working environment. There were a few main characters in this book that were very easily to understand their purpose in the story. The first character that appeared in this story is Kurt Bradshaw. He was promoted to the manager of worldwide safety. His great leadership skills and motivational techniques had put him in this new position. Kurt was very excited for the job and ready for it, but he was not too familiar about any safety tasks that could improve the workplace. Kurt was so excited about the promotion that he would call John Sullivan and tell him the great news. John Sullivan and Kurt were good friends that were very comfortable with each family. John’s career began at the bottom and rose ever since as much as Kurt has done in this book which was a good look. When Kurt began to realized and get into that he was a manager of safety now, he did not have any experience with it. So when he was talking with his wife Jessica about the inexperience about safety, she was telling him about her father’s friend who Kurt remembered that received a safety award and had a great background in safety, which is the next main character in the story, Sam Rollins. 2 Sam Rollins was the man that Kurt went to for guidance and mentor him about the field. Sam was very familiar about the industrial safety field because of his background in the field. Kurt was in great hands into learning about safety tips and using them as tools into making him a great safety manager. The safety tips that Mr. Rollins were giving him were things that Kurt knew about but did not take into consideration since he was not a safety manager. The important facts about the Safety 24/7 book were the safety tips that Sam Rollins were giving throughout the book.

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