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General James L. Jones In order to lead, inspire and motivate, an individual has to be truly gifted and unique. Despite the traditional images that spring to mind, leaders are not mere dictators who should out orders while others obey. Instead, in order to obtain a workplace that runs effectively and maximizes employee output leaders have to constantly motivate and set new limits. In today’s increasingly stressful workplace environment it is getting harder and harder for individuals to constantly adapt to change while maintaining a healthy balance between the work place and their home lives. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that they demonstrate strength while motivating employees to work harder to reach goals that benefit the…show more content…
When examining his career, it is obvious that he is the type of person that is not satisfied with staying in one position for very long. As a Marine, I understand how difficult it is to serve in a high pressure environment. An environment such as the Marines requires discipline and an outstanding level of commitment. To most individuals who serve in the Marines, it is very difficult to keep a balance between their professional lives and personal lives. General Jones is particularly admirable because despite his outstanding resume and endless time overseas, he somehow managed not to let his personal life get in the way of his career (Fick). He was strong enough to keep advancing through the ranks while still maintaining a remarkable level of composure and taking on every new challenge with an open mind. For most people it is difficult to master one task such as organizing and planning but General Jones managed to take on a variety of tasks and preformed each one of them with consistent success. In my opinion, in order for an idivdivual to be truly great leader, they cannot simply sit back and accept the system, they have to get up and make a difference. General Jones did this by rethinking and restrcuturing perviouly set guidelines and taking militray straegy to a new level, General Jones "led the most aggressive…show more content…
His retirement, however does not spell the end of his career. Instead, like any great leader he has taken on a new challenge with a position on the Board of Directors of Invacare Corporation. The organization welcomed him and his skills with open arms as the compnay is aiming to further its hold on the international market. The company is eager to have General Jones on board because they realize that he has tremendous experience in both domestic and international strategy. His willingness to take on a new and challenging venture even after retirement proves that he is a natural born leader who is gifted at both teaching and motivating. His decision to join the Board of Directors is also another example of how he is able to strech his skill set seamlessly from one particular field to another. Although his career was with the Marines, he is able to take his knowledge and apply it to the business world (Business Wire).. When one examines the life of General James L. Jones as a person and leader, it is not to be impressed but at the same time intimidated. He is a man that has achieved so much during his career but at the same time excels at every project he undertakes. Like every great leader, he was not afraid to reinvent the old and add a new dimension to a previous way of thinking. There is little doubt that he will also excel

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