Character Analysis of The Jockey and The Destructors

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As characters act in the present both their past and future influence their actions. They can live for the moment, seek revenge from the past, or look hopefully (or miserably) towards the future. The stories The Destructors and The Jockey involve complex and somewhat irrational characters, influenced strongly by the events they have witnessed as well as those that have yet to come. The Destructors has a character named Trevor, commonly referred to as “T”. The overview of T’s background is simple enough with him being a normal gang member, showing up to vote and hanging out with the guys. The story of his past, more specifically his parents’ past, is what makes him an interesting character. His father used to be an architect and is now a sales clerk, while his mother believes herself to be above the rest of the lowly people. The reason for this is unknown except that it had something to do with the war years past. This need for achievement and attention is what ultimately leads to T’s main role in the story. Even when he suggests tearing down Old Misery’s house and the gang members question his motive, his response is that it will give them credit with the bigger gangs. This implies that through this act he may be able to elevete himself, and to a lesser extent his family, back into the spotlight and its former position of grandeur. Although this grandeur would be in the criminal underworld, T was too young to remember what it was like to live in high-class society. Therefore, he felt it was his duty to return them to the highest level that he knew. As the story progresses T assumes the role of gang leader. This role is presented to him because of his revolutionary ideas of splendor and his ability to make others believe it will work. This leads him to puff himself up even more because he is succeeding in his quest for glory. This is eventually his

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