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Twain introduces Huck in the beginning of the book as a follower who does not make his own decisions. In fact throughout the novel Huck slowly grows and learns about how to be an individual. Huck stumbles upon his caretakers slave, Jim, in the forest and the two quickly decide to stick together. But Huck views Jim as an object, much like society does. On the river, their rafts separated and Huck decides to play a prank on Jim by telling him they didn’t separate. Jim knew that Huck was lying and called him out on how hurt he was because he was very upset that Huck disappeared. “It took me fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a n*****; but I done it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it afterward, neither. I didn’t…show more content…
Huck meets two con-artists that decide to steal money from two young girls that just lost their father. Huck decides that he will oppose the majority and tell the girls that the two were cons and explaining where the money is because although it isn’t the popular thing to do, it is the right thing to do. “[The cons] gat a good thing here, and they ain’t a-going to leave till they’ve played this family and this town for all they’re worth, so I’ll find a chance time enough. I’ll steal it and hide it; and by and by when I’m away down the river, I’ll write a letter and tell Mary Jane where its hid.” (Twain 176) Huck was willing to risk his own well-being and income with the cons over helping out two girls he just met. He did it because he knew it was what was the right and moral thing to do as Twain was trying to express how to act as a…show more content…
Huck should have told the officials about the runaway slave, Jim, immediately as he found him. Yet throughout the story Huck grows a strong bond with Jim which is unheard of in those times. Jim gets taken and Huck debates on trying to save his friend or let a slave go rightfully. “All right then, I’ll go to hell” (Twain 214) This is one of the most powerful statements in the book because its Huck accepting the fact that he is willing to go to give up his immortal spirit in order to help his friend, Jim, and do what is right. Huck completely now views Jim as more than just property, but as a person. Twains big idea was the fact that society can change but only if we want to change and we educate ourselves. Educating people is the way to break the chain and everyone to individually fall from the pack and be their own person, much like Huckleberry Finn did. Twain notices that society is corrupt and that we should each do what is right individually because it’s human nature to not kill other humans. Society is corrupted by greed and power and if every person were to take a stand and think for themselves the world would be a better

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