One Flew Over The Cukcoo's Nest Essay

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Essay One downfall to marriage for a man can be a loss of freedom. But in any situation, including being in an insane asylum, men will seek openness and the thrill of being free. Being committed in a relationship or a ward will bear down on you, but the venturing out is still wanted. In One flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Randall McMurphy and every man in the institution with him want to escape. A man’s drive for independence is very strong, but fear and being committed can bear down on the self-determination before he succeeds. While McMurphy wanted to make money and have fun, he also planned to escape. Miss Ratched and the ward had kept restrictions on him for too long. As a man, he lived and breathed to not be under the control of anyone, and have the freedom to roam. McMurphy wasn’t the only one of the ward wanting to escape the wrath of the nurses. Chief Bromden, Billy Bibbit, and many others showed a want to leave. Fear was the main factor in keeping the ward members in, besides McMurphy. Most of the boys in the ward weren’t even committed. Each of them could get released at any date they pleased. Fear was holding them back. Billy Bibbit was younger than most. His major run in with freedom was with a prostitute named Candy. Her influence was more significant than she could even imagine. By Billy’s request, McMurphy set up a date between him and the paid women. His encounter with her would make an end to his virginity, and his life. As he was found drunk with the girl, his mother was to be informed. Because Billy was owned by Nurse Ratched and his mother, he knew his life would be doomed. His suicide was due to the fact that he knew he had rebelled, and was free for that might. His decision to end his life let him continue to enjoy the freedom that the young man deserved. Some of the inmates were treated to

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