Tyler Durden Vs Siddhartha

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Tyler Durden vs. Siddhartha In both novels both Tyler Durden and Siddhartha are on their own personal mission to accomplish greatness through their own path, and their own experiences. Although many differences between the two’s believes and way of life there are some. Tyler Durden, he is a man fighting modern western society. He is an anti consumerist/ anti materialist. He believes society has grown custom to useless things and we don’t need. He states that although you might think you own your belongings, your belongings own you because if something were to happen to your things you would be devastated, so Tyler wants to put an end to all of that. He is trying to make everyone re envision their way of life. He wants to start anew and the only way to reach that goal was to reset everyone’s credit to zero by destroying several buildings of importance. He gained many followers by manipulation and helped them all hit rock bottom, and by doing so they are able to destroy their false self and over, because only when you have reached an all time low you will not have anywhere else to go but up, his belief was once you hit bottom that when you can truly achieve perfection. His motivation for everything was to help everyone find their true self and get rid of their consumerist materialist self. Siddhartha is searching for the same thing, to find his true self, but compared to Tyler Siddhartha has a completely different way of finding his goal. Siddhartha went on search for wisdom. He left his home on a search because he felt his parents and teachers had taught him everything they could offer him. Like Tyler Siddhartha is an anti materialist, he also feels people should not be attached to objects. He believes society/ culture is lacking and possibly not living up to its full potential. In Siddhartha’s path he goes alone without the help of others.

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