Freedom Of Speech In The Media

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The Tampering of Freedom of Speech In the Media Gilbert Anthony Martinez Charlotte Samuels Political Science 100 November 12, 2011 In this day and age of modern society dealing with an information based civilization, some people and agencies have a hard time with handling new and expressive forms of art and technological materials and due to this, our first amendment rights of freedom of speech are being violated unknowingly to many. We as a people are heavily influenced by the media and multimedia entities such as television, music, film/cinema, video games, the press, and of course the internet which is the fastest tool used in spreading information worldwide. With the extreme advances in technology and complexity, the world is now being exposed to new and astonishing mediums of art, expression, popular culture, and informative material that seem to anger the government, which in turn, policies supporting censorship are enforced or trying to become enforced. With the ever expanding process of technology innovation, these multimedia sources have gained more and more attention and are becoming increasingly more common. In terms of the general public, the media is most commonly understood or perceived as merely a means of entertainment. However it is much more than that, it is a source of displaying human expression, art, imagination, creativity, and intellect. The founders who create, advertise, and distribute their works to the mass public all over the world regularly incorporate certain and various types of messages or signs in their creations that reflects their creativity and imagination. Certain individuals or groups of individuals that oppose the material might see it as a defamation labeling them manipulative, inappropriate, and sometimes dangerous. Negative comments and complaints are thus directed to the government which then enables acts of

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