Com3706 Portfolio Assignment Task 5.10

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Communication Research Com3706 Portfolio Assignment Task 5.10 Semester two 2013 Table of contents TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 1MAIN ISSUE 1 2RESEARCH CRITERIA 1 3EXTENT OF THE RESEARCH ISSUE 2 4 POPULATION 2 5 ASSUMPTIONS AND SUB-PROBLEMS 3 6 GOAL AND OBJECTIVES 3 7 RESEARCH QUESTIONS 4 8 THEORETICAL APPROACH 4 9 RESEARCH DESIGN 7 CONCLUSION 8 SOURCES CONSULTED 8 ADDENDUM A: SELF-REFLECTION9 INTRODUCTION In this assignment the nine creative characteristics in eight different advertisements, will be explored and describe by means of content analysis. 1MAIN ISSUE Explore and describe, by means of qualitative and quantitative content analysis, the characteristics of nine creative concepts and their creative application in eight different adverts, found in two different publications: cross sectional. 2RESEARCH CRITERIA Relevance: Advertising is directly related to marketing, which makes the issue relevant to communication science. Researchability: The issue can be researched by collecting and exploring the creative concepts of eight different advertisements from two different magazine or newspaper publications. Feasibility:The investigation is feasible as there are not many resources necessary, and it is easy and inexpensive to purchase two magazine or newspaper publications. Ethical acceptability: The research deals with eight advertisements from two publications, it will therefore be ethically acceptable because no persons are involved, so no harm can be done. 3EXTENT The research will be done in two magazines, namely the YOU magazine and Destiny both from January 3rd, 2013. Both of these magazines deal with fashion, beauty, entertainment, food and lifestyle. This is a cross sectional study, done on the 2013 January 3rd issues, because of their vast variety of advertisements that can be analysed. The

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