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Market Research Report [Hanover] ASSIGNMENT 2 MKTG 20004 – Market and Business Research SEMESTER 2, 2013 [Shuai Zhang] [585454] [Dong Hyun Kim] [582277] Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Methodology 5 Qualitative part: Interview 5 Quantitative part: Survey 5 Demographic Profile 6 General Information 6 Location 7 Place of Residence 7 Education Level 8 Income Level 9 Quantitative Analysis 11 Sub Research Question 1: Recognition 11 Sub Research Question 2: Perception 13 Sub Research Question 3: Attitudes 15 Sub Research Question 4: Beliefs about solution 17 Conclusion 18 Recommendation 19 Limitations 19 Appendices 20 List of References 29 Executive Summary This…show more content…
Mean is 3.51 which is higher than the test value of 3. Sig value of this test is 0.000, which is less than the confidence level α of 0.05. This indicates that Victorian youth recognise the homeless issue in their community to be relatively serious. Extended Analysis - Overall recognition Objectives: To investigate if any difference exists between respondents with different levels of income, in their recognition of the seriousness of the homelessness issue in Victoria. Variable Analysed: Q8 [Dependent Variable] and Q37 [Factor] Test performed: ANOVA (please refer to appendix 6.3 and 6.4) H1: There is a difference between respondents with different education levels on their view about the seriousness of the homelessness issue in Victoria. Results: The results show that the level of recognition of seriousness about homelessness issue in Victoria is different for the 5 different groups of income level. Mean under $5,000 is 3.53; Mean $5,000-10,000 is 3.94; Mean $10,001-$20,000 is 3.31; Mean $20,001-$30,000 is 3.36; Mean above $30,000 is 3.45; F=2.584. p<0.05. Extended Analysis - Overall…show more content…
H1: There is a correlation between the two variables. Result:p<0.01, indicating there is a moderate level of correlation between Victorian youths’ perceptions about homeless people on substancce and perceptions about their mental health. Extended Analysis - Substance dependence and correlation with other factors Objectives: To analyse the linear relationship, if any exists, between the perceptions about homeless people on substance dependnce and factors including: emotion, mental health, physical health, ability to overcome difficulties, connection to the community and education level. Variable Analysed: Q11_3 [dependent] and Q11_1, Q11_2, Q11_4, Q11_5, Q11_6, Q11_7, Q11_8 [independent] Test performed: Multiple Regression Analysis (appendix 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6) To analyze the linear relationship between multiple independent variables and an interval dependent variable, research used multiple regression analysis. H1: at least one

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