Coding And Billing Specialist Portfolio Analysis

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This is a annotated bibliography portfolio. Coding and Billing Specialist Portfolio Jessica Velez Kaplan University Katia Heard HS 100 2/25/2014 Coding and Billing Specialist Portfolio A Coding and billing specialist is responsible for entering and coding patient services into a computer system and generating invoices to be sent out. Sort and file paper work, handle insurance claims, and perform collections duties. This job description sounds simple but there is so much more in depth responsibilities of a coder. This profession requires little contact with patients, but coders work closely with providers and insurance companies. Current…show more content…
Billing-Coding INC. as retrieved from The BCA magazine is for me a billing coding specialist dream. It covers current issues in this profession like compliance, reimbursement, legal, auditing and so much more. Even for people in other professions like HIM, Office management, providers and consultants ect. BCA magazine is approved by 14 leading associations in the field. Online with a subscription you can take quizzes and earn Continuing Education Units (CEU), and print them for approved associations like AAPC, AHIMA, HBMA, APMBA. You can participate in webinars, forums and industry events as well. These will help you also prepare for the quizzes. • Primary care troubled by coding errors-USA. Medical News Today. Medilexion,Intl., 7. Dec. 2003 as retrieved from> This news publication covers improperly coded services in medicare and Medicaid, as reported by the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. It touches on E&M guidelines and its complexity. It includes annual error rates for 1996 to 2003 that came from the IOG’s surveys based on about 6,000…show more content…
AHMIA keeps professionals up to date on issues in HIM field and gives access to recourses to further education and skills. AHIMA is also interestingly one of four parties responsible for the ICD-10. Professional Journals • Medical News Today (MNT). Medilexicon International Ltd. Medical News Today is an online publishing company, founded in 2003. It provides accurate information form trusted and reliable resources like evidence based peer reviewed studies and content from governments like FDA, CDC, NIH and NHS. It also gathers information from sources like medical societies, professional associations and more. • The Journal of AHIMA. Retrieved from This journal acts like a tool for people in health information management profession and keeps those professionals up to date on current issues in the field. In order to have full access to the ahima journal you must be a member of the association. Areas of Current

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