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Wynn Resorts, LTD by Andrew Garbarini Palm Beach State College Dr. Lam D. Nguyen GEB 4935, Capstone General Management 26 January, 2012 History Stephen Wynn founded the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino which opened its doors in April 2005. The organization operates luxury hotels and casinos which cater to the wealthy. The organization has since grown and represents a market capitalization of over 14 billion dollars. (Yahoo). Internal Strengths and Weaknesses Steve Wynn brings over thirty years of experience and is considered the driving force of the organization. The hands on approach of the CEO give the company a competitive advantage. The reliance of one person on such a big organization can be a double edge sword. Mr. Wynn’s influence on the operations of the company is so significant that the company would be hard pressed to find a suitable replacement if he left the organization. External Environment The aging population of the United States plays well for the domestic gaming industry. “Casino gambling is very much the sport of a graying generation” (Hill, Jones, 2010, p.c15). The baby boomer generation is approaching retirement age and this group represents a significant portion of the nation’s spending power demographic. SWOT Analysis Steve Wynn is an extremely seasoned veteran of the gaming industry the company has benefited tremendously from his governance. The organization relies heavily on his leadership and this can be detrimental to the company if Mr. Wynn left the organization. Present restrictions in China have limited casinos to the island of Macau off the coast of mainland China. Wynn Macau gives the organization a foothold for future development. There is substantial risk as the Wynn Macau lease is only good until 2017. Corporate Strategy The organization has positioned itself by differentiation which is evident in

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