Midsouth Chamber of Commerce

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IPNINDERA SINGH SEKHON (ROUBLE) MGMT408. DEVRY UNIVERSITY ONLINE. PROFESSOR: RENE TREVINO ______________________________________________________________________________ Midsouth Chamber of Commerce: The Role of the Operating Manager in Information Systems According to Brown, C.V., Dehayes, D.W., Hoffer, J.A., Perkins, W.C., Martin, W.E. (2011), MidSouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) is a member support, non-profit organization that deals with state government on behalf of local business policies. In the early 2000’s, the MSCC, became the most powerful advocacy organization for the business community under the new leadership of President Jack Wallingford. As the growing demands of members and employees were increasing, the MidSouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) has decided to update its computing systems. The management then decided to consolidate their systems to AS/400 based system called UNITRAK. Ted Vassici has supported the systems for a significant period before Simon Kovecki was hired by MidSouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC). Simon Kovecki was in charge of implementing this new system, but he ended up with failure that left MidSouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) with lost data on the old systems, and an inoperable UNITRAK system. This case study illustrates the problems that MSCC went through after acquiring the UNITRAK system. In writing this report on the challenges of implementing a new operational system I hope to have a better understanding of maintaining documentation and organizational structure. The Midsouth Chamber of Commerce case is about the complexities when implementing a new technology system and the challenges when technology systems fail. Since the implementation of the Unitrak software, Midsouth Chamber of Commerce has continued to make incompetent management decisions, when it is related to building an IT infrastructure, for their
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