Ww2 Research Project

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World War II Battles and Locations Research Project: Lesson Objective: Students will compile a World War II battles with summaries of key details Learning Activity: You are assigned several WWII battles to research. * Britain: (July 1940- October 1940) summer and fall of 1940 German and British air forces clashed in the sky over the UK, It was one of the largest sustained bombing campaign to that date. The battle of Britain ended when Germany’s Luftwaffe failed to gain air superiority over the royal air force. Britain won * Bulge: In (December 1944 -January 1945) Adolph Hitler attempted to split the allied armies in the northwest Europe by means of a surprise blitzkrieg thrust through the Ardennes to Antwerp. Germany abandonment…show more content…
Fighting during August, German forces reached the city. In November, Soviet forces repelled a modernized German offensive. Not until January 1944, however, Red Army successes in other front sectors enable the Soviets to raise the siege. By this time, besieging German forces were so weak that Soviet attacks drove them away from the city and from Soviet soil. * Leyte Gulf: The Battle of Leyte Gulf raged from October 23 through 26, 1944. It was the largest naval battle ever fought — ending in the eclipse of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and its last sortie in force. Leyte Gulf also was the scene of the first organized use of Kamikaze (suicide) aircraft by the Japanese * Midway: The Battle of Midway in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. Between 4-7 June 1942. Ended in Americas victory and it took place in midway atoll. * Normandy: 6 June- mid-July 1944 The Battle of Normandy was fought in World War II in 1944. It was fought by the Allied forces against Germans. It ended in the Allies victory and it took place in Normandy, France. * Okinawa: * Operation Torch * Pearl
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