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Battle analysis of The Guadalcanal Campaign Name Tutor College Course Date The World War II remains one of the most violent and significant armed conflicts throughout the history of man. The battle for Guadalcanal occurred in 1942 after the marines of US arrived on 7th of August the same year. Their major objective of their landing was to deny the use of the canal by the Japanese to cut supply of military and communication to U.S, and New Zealand. The Japanese were unopposed to their landing, but it took a period of six months to conquer the Japanese in a battle that remains significant in the World War history. As the World War II studies continue, the battle for Guadalcanal remains one of the most significant battles for the American troops during the World War II. Guadalcanal had been unoccupied until July in 1942 when the Japanese troops started building an airfield. The battle for Guadalcanal occurred during World War II and it involved both the Japanese and US troops who were fighting in gaining control of the region and the surrounding islands. The Japanese had been defeated at the battle of Midway and the imperial army had to develop new strategies on maintaining the territory they had already captured. After the battle of Midway, the Japanese had to move further to look for new battlegrounds in bid for victory. On the other hand, the American troops had to develop strategies on how they would capture the islands at the Pacific. For the best interests of both the Japanese and American troops, the battle for Guadalcanal remained the best strategic location that would satisfy the interest of both troops. If the Japanese would take over the island, they would cut off communication between Australia and America hence reducing the military power of the Americans. If the Americans would take over the island, they

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