Asses the Significance of the North African Campaign in the Allied Victory in Wwii

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“Asses the significance of the North African campaign in the Allied victory in WWII” The North African Campaign was a key part of World War II as it was the first real defeat on Germany, allowing the allies to attack, and ultimately pulled them further away from victory in the East. The significant elements from the North African campaign for the allied victory in WWII included; it assured the British still gained control of the Suez canal, the creation of the United States involvement into the war, the tactical significance, Germany had to fight a 3 front war. The conflict in North Africa rose around Italy’s eagerness to utilise Germany’s 6-week successful invasion of France and make an impact on the war. In September 1940 Italian General Graziani invaded British colony of Egypt sparking the campaign. Italy did not hold a threat to the British until March 1941 when German Africa Korps counterattacked under the command of General Rommel. Thus not until the battle of El Almein 1942 could the Allies drive the Germans out through Tunisia with the USA from the West and the British from the East. The control of the Suez Canal and access to oil from the Middle East and raw materials from Asia was a core ignition of the North Africa campaign. This camping led to the start of the downfall contributing to the Allied victory of WWII. The canal was immensely important for the British as there was a large amount of trade that went on between India and Britain, Rather than going all the way around Africa, they passed through the Canal saving ships huge amounts of time an average of two-thirds of the voyage around Africa, giving the British and its allies a huge advantage for the battles to come. In addition Oil specifically had turn into a discriminating key thing because of the expanded mechanization of present day armed forces. Britain, which was the first real country

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