Allies Successes And Failures

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United We Conquer From September 1939 to the summer of 1942, the Axis powers were winning the war. Then the Allies had key victories in the Pacific and in Europe. The tide had turned. In June 1942, the Allies won the important battle of Midway Island in the Pacific. The Allies forced Japan to retreat and go on the offensive. When the Allies captured Guadalcanal in 1943, the Japanese went into full retreat back to Japan. While victories in the Pacific were occurring, the Soviets had defeated the Germans at Stalingrad, and Allied troops were removing the enemy from North Africa. The Allies were winning, but the war was not over. Every Little Bit Helps During the war, Germany occupied many European nations. The citizens of these countries would fight with the Nazis, and some citizens in Germany also fought the Nazi party. These secret organizations were known as the Resistance Movement. They used guerilla warfare in their attacks on Axis powers, blowing up bridges, railroads, and factories. Hitler ended up sending thousands of troops into these countries for the sole purpose of protecting transportation and supply centers. Even though these men and women of the Resistance Movement never won a significant battle, they were instrumental in keeping troops and supplies from the front, helping to defeat the Axis powers. Citizens of nations occupied by Germany that secretly fought the Germans were known as what? The Resistance Movement On July 10, 1943, the Allies invaded Italy for the first time. This opened yet another front for the Axis to fight on. They quickly overtook the Island of Sicily and threatened the rest of the country. Mussolini was forced to resign, and a new government was formed. The new government signed an armistice with the Allies, but the Germans refused to leave. It would take the Allies one more year to free Rome from German control

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