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Brian Drennan History 1493 11:00 Stephen Ambrose. Band of Brothers, E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne: From Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, New York, Simon & Schuster (1992) Stephen E. Ambrose’s novel, Band of Brothers entails a look into Easy Company, 101st airborne units that jumped into Normandy during World War II. Although, citizen soldiers, Easy Company and the 101st were known and respected as the top rifle companies during World War II. These high reputations lead to nearly impossible missions. Their missions were some of the hardest and most historical battles of World War II, including The Battle of the Bulge and dropping in at night on D-Day. East Company was known for their resolve, bravery,…show more content…
They were met with little resistance from German forces throughout the rest of their tour in Europe. Victories in places such as the concentration camp at Dachau lifted the allies in the war and helped control territory that was to be liberated from German control. Although the Company had endured great hardships and won battles where the odds were stacked against them their final mission would be a great one. Berchesgaden, is where the company executed their last mission in seizing Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. With the last stronghold of the SS and German army taken and under ally the war was soon won after Japans surrender which quickly followed the events in Berchesgaden. The Nest was raided and looted by the soldiers. Attempts to blow up his car were even…show more content…
Ambrose pays great respect in his depiction of the 101st daily lives while fighting hostile forces in Germany, during World War II. The men were among those who fought to save the world from barbarism and exemplified courage in historical battles. Ambrose defiantly drives home his point that heroes exist and are all around us even without us noticing it. Reading the missions almost give the reader the experience of being there with the company. The emotions of the men are portrayed as Ambrose describes sleeping in a foxhole while starving in freezing

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