World War 1 Causes

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World War One was a very large scale war lasting over four years, involving many nations from around the world and ultimately killing more than twenty million people. It was triggered due to the assassination of a nation's leader, but World War One's origins are more complex than people think. It was caused by M.A.I.N. which represents militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism. These four main, fundamental causes had impact on the start of World War One. But most of all, the one that had the greatest impact on the start of World War One is imperialism. Imperialism is the takeover of a territory by a stronger nation politically, socially, or economically. Many countries take over territories to gain more power. In order for a country…show more content…
Colonies can be used to benefit the country. An example would be building a marketplace in a colony to accelerate the buying/selling of demands. It could also be used to build military power to defend the economic interest in a colony. After all colonies were taken, many countries started fighting and war broke out. They also thought that having a large empire would help to make them richer and more militarily powerful .People were greedy to get their hands on the colony for the sake of the money they can get. The idea of imperialism started after the Industrial Revolution. Many countries seen the new inventions and thought that they needed it to make their lives easier. So they gathered all the raw materials they can get and make those inventions to benefit them at their life. The other countries began to start feel jealous, so they did the same. For these reasons, countries competed with one another to gain the largest empires. The competition led to animosity or strong hostility between countries. This helped lead to World War One. In conclusion, M.A.I.N. caused the start of World War One especially imperialism. Imperialism is where a stronger nation bring a weaker nation under their control through politically, socially, or economically. People were greedy to get what they wanted such as the land. Since only few colonies are left, nations fought other nations through war. Imperialism was one of the key factors of the cause of World War One that resulted in many
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