Germany's Aggressive Behaviour Was the Main Reason for the Outbreak of Ww1. Discuss.

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Germany’s aggressive behaviour was the main reason for the outbreak of World War One This above statement causes a lot of debate. Germany’s aggressive behaviour was one of the main reasons for the outbreak of World War One, but was it the biggest reason? This is a question that many people have tried to answer, however I believe that it is a matter of opinion and there is no right or wrong answer. Germany’s aggression was not the only thing about Germany that many countries feared but also its ambition. Germany had only been a united country since 1871 however by 1914 it had built up a strong army, navy and had the beginnings of an overseas empire. As you can see, Germany since its unison had been very competitive and ambitious against the other ‘leading’ countries. I feel that this may have brought the other countries resentment, especially Britain. Britain had been known as and was the main industrial country in Europe for over 100 years but Germany had very quickly grown into a powerful country. This would have caused Britain some concern, especially because the leader over Britain was cousins with the Kaiser, this would have brought extra tension between them as they both wanted their country to be the best. In some ways the tension between the Kaiser and Britain is quite childish. We have seen this earlier on in the Dreadnoughts; naval arms race. This was where the two countries had been competing over who could build/have the most dreadnoughts. This meant that there had probably been competition between them from a young age and the Kaiser had always felt he had to beat his cousin in whatever he did. The Kaiser’s ambition brought his country many enemies but it was also gradually starting to destroy his own relationship with his own country. Also, the fact that there had always been resentment between
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