How Did Ww1 Break Out in 1914?

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How did World War 1 break out in 1914? World War 1 was one of the greatest wars ever recorded in the history of mankind. It was the first war that directly involved many countries worldwide, and better still, influenced the lives of many people profoundly. There are many reasons to why the war broke out. These can be categorised into long term reasons and short term reasons. The most significant short term reason to why the war broke out was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Austria. This contributed to the war a lot and was the spark that started it off. There were many long term reasons too, but the most important ones were Imperialism, Militarism, nationalism and alliances. These influenced the war majorly and were the main explanation to why large quantities of countries were prepared for it when it took place in 1914. Alliances were long term reasons to the break out of WW1. They were agreements between 2 or more countries that enabled them to support each other when vital. Although alliances were meant to keep Europe at peace as both of the two key alliances were almost as prevailing as each other, there was a considerable amount of tension and competition between them. There were two dominant alliances in Europe and they were the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. The Triple Alliance involved 3 countries, “Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary.”The Triple Entente was also made up of 3 countries, “Britain Russia and France.” In my opinion, the Triple Entente had more of an advantage position geographically. This was because the countries, “Britain, Russia and France” were surrounding “Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary” and if there was a war, the Triple Entente could attack quicker and more efficiently as they were surrounding their rivals. Alliances were also a very fundamental reason towards the break out of the war. This was because if one

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