Argumentative Essay On America

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America Essay How many countries have won as many wars as the United States? Who has fought harder for freedom than North America? My answer would be nobody; America is still the best country. Our nation has the most fit and determined military, we have invented many important technologies, and other countries envy the freedom of America. America has won nearly every war that we’ve been involved it. Even when we were a nation divided amongst ourselves in the Civil War, the stronger side still prevailed. Americans hate to lose, which is why we are still the dominating country, Tony Blair stated this in the second paragraph of his article. To contradict this statement, I was presented with an article negatively facing America, it said, “China and Japan are rapidly advancing and will soon be so far ahead of the U.S. that we will not be able to catch up”. These statements are both argumentative, but the fact is, you can’t beat America.…show more content…
America is always looking for a way to improve its society. Anything that we can do to help our environment or other outstanding problems is usually done. The key fact for this is that Americans are never satisfied; there is always room for improvement, which is why we remain a super power. An article I found on America being in decline states, “The only reason the U.S. is still in the running is because of our forceful way of handling problems”. This statement was ignored, because it shows how negative some people can be, and I completely disregarded this
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