Ww1 and Ww2. Single Conflict?

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Do you consider WWI and WWII to be one war with one single conflict? Many historians would like to think so based on the fact that the two wars were caused by very similar factors and both involved the U.S, Great Britain, Italy and Germany. There are many similar causes that led to WWI and WWII including; imperial rivalries, the alliance system, the arms race, growth of nationalism, balance of power and old territorial disputes. The most significant reasons were the huge economic and military rivalry between Britain and Germany. Imperialism set the stage for both wars. WWI began with the assassination of the Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand and his wife. This alone did not start the war but merely sparked tension. During the beginning of the 20th century, the strongest country in Europe was Britain. Its empire was the largest with the richest industries and strongest navy. The envious Germany soon built up its empire to challenge Britain’s position. Germany struggled and fought to gain more and more power. This fight to preserve their balance of power scared many other countries which helped led into the war. A major cause of WWII was the fact that both Germany and Japan felt that they did not have the amount of power that they deserved. Germany wanted to regain the power it was stripped of through The Treaty of Versailles after its loss in WWI. Japan wanted to have a large empire and to be treated as a major power. The allies resisted this because they were happy with the status quo. The major similarity of WWI and WWII to me is that both were caused by countries trying to with the status quo in the international system. In both cases, the war came about because countries wanted more power than it had in the international system at the time. Even though WWI and WWII were two separate wars and different outcomes, because of their similarities of causes, many
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