How Did Britain Gain Such a Large Empire

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How did Britain gain such a large empire? Britain gained such a large empire because they used trade to get to different countries and then they won their wars to gain the land also they had good explorers like Captain James Cook who discovered Australia. One of the ways Britain gained such a large Empire was by fighting wars. For example when Clive of India fought the Indians and the Newab of Bengal to gain the section of land known as Bengal, he fought in two main battles the first called the Battle of Arcot and the second the Battle of Plassey. This helped Britain gain such a large Empire because by fighting and winning these wars they gained more of the land and more power over the people, it gives them more money and riches and they show themselves as the dominant country. They were able to then go and gain the other sections of India. Another way Britain gained such a large Empire was through trade. For example when the EIC (East Indian Company) started to trade in India they made money for the army and Britain as a whole, they also gained the trust of the people by trading fairly, and they got well paid in crates of spices, calico, gems and silk by the princes and Maharajas of India when the British helped them fight their battles. This helped Britain gain such a large Empire because by trading they got money and power so that they could send out exploration ships and armies to go to other countries and take it. The final way that Britain gained such a large empire was by exploration. For example when someone was committed of a crime they would be sent to jail but the jails in Britain were so crowded there was no room so the convicts were sent to another country mainly America but when America became independent they had to be taken somewhere else, so they were sent by ship to Australia. They were only able to do this because Captain James Cook went on
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