Working Towards Job Satisfaction And Motivation Essay

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Working Towards Job Satisfaction And Commitment is a Benefit to any Organization Lakitta Webb Argosy University-Atlanta Abstract When it comes to job satisfaction and commitment, managers need to understand that individuals differ from one another. This will allow them to understand the impact of individual differences on the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of each employee. Healthy relationships amongst employees and the organization will help to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision. Managers learn what motivates each employee, and once this is identified, it should be embraced. This would be finding out what makes people tick. In this essay, I will summarize different theorist’s findings where job satisfaction and commitment is concerned. Job satisfaction is very important and should always be of concern to an organization and their management team. Attitudes and emotions affect our behavior. This essay will explore how motivation and performance are influenced different things, such as our experiences. Our personal and work experiences both play a key role in how we react to something. Job satisfaction is defined as “a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job (Lock, 1976). Job satisfaction is an employee’s general attitude toward the job. There are five major components of job satisfaction: attitude toward the work group, general working conditions, attitude toward the company, monetary benefits, and attitude toward management. Job satisfaction has a positive impact on turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, accidents, grievances, and strikes. A wide range of internal and external factors affect an employee’s level of satisfaction. A study in 1990 of 3,351 U.S. employees found that workplace support was the most important factor affecting job satisfaction among its respondents. Employees who
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