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Ilm3 Team Building Essay

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• Describe the stages of an established model of group formation
• Explain how a manager could benefit from knowing team members preferred roles as defined in an established team role model

Section 1 – Understand how to develop and maintain effective working relationships
You should provide your own understanding of how to develop and maintain effective working relationships by providing responses to the assessment criteria using, whenever appropriate, examples from a team situation with which you are familiar.

1.1 Explain the benefits of effective working relationships in developing and maintaining the team (20 marks)

Effective working relationships are paramount to developing and maintaining effective teams.   Teams need time and space to progress and establish interpersonal working relationships.   These relationships between peers and leaders have to be positive, trustworthy and communicative to be effective and enhance performance.   Leaders have to set the standard by being empathic, supportive and use a range of different leadership styles to develop and maintain the team, they also have be fair and consistent, as workers that feel they are unfairly treated by a manager will not show loyalty and will do the minimum.   The leader also has to demonstrate capability and experience, as having workers that are more highly achieving than the leader breeds resentment.

Tuckman (1965) described the stages of team development as ‘Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.   As teams travel through these stages trust, respect and understanding of individual’s strengths and tolerance of their weaknesses is established. This process allows individuals to learn about each other personalities, coping strategies and response to pressure, allowing for bonds between members to be formed.

Relationships need to be developed and maintained by consistent open and honest communication with the team and effective ability to manage conflicts without...

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