Women In Combat Arms Essay

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Even when the media covers a story where an individual from the upper class has committed a crime, it is well depicted as one in a few, a flawed member of the upper class not to be mistaken as a whole. In other words the media is very careful of the subliminal message that it’s portrayed. An example of these messages, are the way so many news channels, and reporters, have displayed articles on the highly debated issue of women occupying combat arms positions within the military. Members of the military feel differently about this issue but are all still reluctant to see the daughters and mothers of our country die in our defense. Issues such as this are known as incorrigible propositions, though “we” the people of this society are the ones…show more content…
Brinley Bruton, Staff Writer. This article also supports women in combat arms giving examples from other militaries and how they are constructed and how we should better our military by replicated their procedures. Though are we not a World Super Power should we not be the standard-bearers for military discipline and structure. It also should be known that by giving excuses to why women will or should not be allowed in combat arms is keeping this incorrigible proposition in place. Through media now Soldiers in Combat arms units will likely receive females differently because of how it has been portrayed, due to how they are supposed to respond instead of how they really feel. From the time it hit the web all stories or articles involving this issue have had high visibility. What most readers don’t realize is the actual reason for these policy changes or the underlying economic interests like gaining the political recognition from certain types of voters. In this case the policy makers most likely have came to the conclusion that the gender neutral standards will cause a large percentage of females be separated from the military, though it appears they are supporting women rights. Thus gaining support from women
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