No Women In Combat Rhetorical Analysis

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Tran Trung Thao S3324298-G2 Final Draft Critical response to the article “No Women in Combat” After catastrophic wars, there was a huge amount of people that was mostly from military died to protect their countries and people lives for a beautiful future. Therefore, everyone can seem to feel the pains and agonies of the military, so calling women for the military service may be more likely unsatisfactory. This is also the reason for the appearance of the article “No Women in Combat” by Darren Graves from the Union of Military Men. The author shows three main points to prove that women are not fit to be in combat and some facts to supporting his ideas. The article is presented well with strong arguments but there are also some points that are needed to improve. The purpose of this essay is to highlight and discuss the weak and strong points in the article. According to Graves (2008), the reason why women are unfit to serve in combat cases is that they are not physically strong enough. Besides that, he also gives reader some efficient statistics,…show more content…
The author states that women are accident prone in high-stress situations, so they should be kept out of combat situations. To illustrate, he presents a real example about one of the first American women helicopter pilots, Marie Rossi. She killed herself and her force because she could not handle the stress. To be more convincing, the writer gives another example, which is also about stress problems. This instance is quietly the same with Marie Rossi’s case, Lt. Kara Hultgreen- the first woman flied F-14 fighter died in October 1994 because of loss of control when she crashed into the sea. In this point, the idea is not strong enough because it is much more about the individual, not collective. In fact, every people are stressed at wars, so the way he gave examples and idea is not convincing for the women

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