Military Stereotypes

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English 1302 The Final Glass Ceiling: Women in Special Forces Imagine you are a soldier who has spent months training for deployment. You leave behind your family and your life and go to a war zone. While there, you are attached to a specific unit, whose job is to travel from village to village in the war zone, trying to gather information to further the mission. You traverse miles over rough terrain, on foot, traveling with your unit, carrying your equipment and surviving hostile encounters with the enemy time after time. You end the deployment with your body intact and only your mind bearing the scars of your experience. The others in your unit who survived are recognized for their experience in combat and given opportunities to advance…show more content…
That our Nation, founded on principles of equal rights, with laws protecting us from discrimination, endorses discrimination based on gender in its own institution, is particularly disturbing. Refusing admittance to females based on physical standards which don’t pertain to job effectiveness or based on stereotypes of women’s physical abilities is also disturbing. Basically, the idea is, we don’t think a woman can do it so we aren’t going to let her try. This stereotype completely discounts the women who successfully compete in triathlons, iron man competitions and various other physical challenges all over the world. Additionally, basing the discrimination on the fact that women have periods and might see a man naked or be seen naked trivializes the desire these women have to be the best and to be recognized for it. These women have been in less than ideal conditions, as have their male counterparts and the minor adjustments that are made don’t seem to cause mission failures or lasting psychological damage. Additionally, speaking to the idea of how our nation feels about women killing or being killed in combat, I have to point out that women’s lives are no more or less valuable than men’s are. As the mother of sons, I don’t feel one bit different about my son dying in combat than anyone else would feel about their daughter doing the same. I believe very strongly in a woman’s right to choose what is right for her and her family. Women who seek to join elite military units may be looking for career advancement, leadership opportunities, or the chance to prove their honor and worth in the most competitive field imaginable. They want the same opportunities to excel as their brothers in arms. They want to be treated as equals, something that can never happen as long as the military continues its current policy of gender
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