Military Women In Combat Rhetorical Analysis

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Nilufar Mohammad Professor brunkala English 302 11 January 2015 response one Part 1 Military Women in Combat: Why making it Official Matters.” McGregor was inspired to write this piece because many people are under the misconception that women and men are treated as equals and some may even argue that women have it easier than men. The purpose of this piece was to challenge those assumptions and make more people will be aware that women are not treated better than men nor are they treated From the article i learn that there are men and women working towards lifting the restrictions. McGregor informs us that “female soldiers began formally moving into jobs in previously all male battalions a result of rule changes following a February report that opened some 14,000 new positions to women…show more content…
They already have been doing so for many years now, and have earned their place in the military. In fact, they do a better job than men in certain areas of expertise. Gender does not matter It does not matter who is wearing a military uniform as long as that person can perform all the tasks expected from a soldier. I support the point being made In the article that women should not join army because of three main reasons- a) physically weaker compared to men Yes, there is no denying this fact but as I already said as long as she is able to do the expected jobs, there is no valid argument to ask her to stand down. This fact states that under normal circumstances, a male is physically stronger compared to a female of same age and background. Women are just as capable at serving our country as men are. This being said, the qualifications should not be lower for women than for men. If women can qualify for the same job as men then there is no reason whatsoever that they should not be allowed to perform

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