Winter of Our Discontent Character List

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1. Ethan Hawley- Ethan is the protagonist of the story. During the story Ethan’s moral fibers change drastically. He starts to question everything that he has known. During this he turns from his virtues and morphs into those around him and “look out for only number one.” 2. Mary Hawley- Mary is Ethan’s wife. She is part of the reason for his change. She was the first to realize his life as a failure and always had a feeling that he would change. There are many tensions between her and Ethan. 3. Margie Young-Hunt- Margie is the “playmate” of Baytown. She is wants to be with Ethan and continually sets traps for them to be together. She lived her life for herself, always looking upon a situation and deciding what she could get out of it. She is also Mary’s best friend. She makes several attempts to cause suspicion and tension in Ethan’s and Mary’s relationship. She is stunned by Ethan’s change and starts to question herself. After that she distances herself from Ethan. 4. Marullo- Marullo is Ethan’s employer. Marullo is a selfish Italian immigrant who snatched up the grocery store after the Hawley family could no longer afford to run it. Marullo seeks to make the most money he possibly can by cutting corners and raising prices. He is suspicious of those around him hides many secrets. 5. Joey- Joey is a businessman who works for Mr. Baker at the bank. Joey is a teller at the First National Bank. He is a popular guy in New Baytown. He is very trustworthy and Mr. Baker lets Joey do most of his work. Joey has a way of pushing Ethan along, and Ethan often compares himself to Joey. 6. Bigger- Hugh Bigger seeking to make big money for his company B.B.D.D. He offers Ethan a bribe to make more money just by ordering through them instead of Marullo’s supplier Waylands. His is willing to do whatever it takes to make money, including bribery. 7. Danny- Daniel

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