Chapter Summary: Economic Hit Man By John Perkins

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Economic Hit Man In the prologue of John Perkins,we understandhow US commercial interests have no limits no boundaries and no morality when it comes to their goals.John Perkins explains to his readers how the (EHM) are highly educated and paid professionals who deceive countries around the world to take out loans in order for them to invest in their infrastructure and development projects. These individuals make sure lucrative projects,and are contracted to US corporations so they eventually just benefit U.S corporations. These individuals give loans to countries knowingly they simply cannot handle the amount of debt because of the loans interest they would have to pay and the resources they have. This deprives citizens from those countries from various social services for many years,…show more content…
It is basically a win for the U.S because we take advantage of people, by promoting investments we know thecountry will never be able to pay back; because of the interest and the amount of the loan.It is amazing how a group of individuals can make so much influence and cheat countries around the globe, and funnel money from the world bank in order to do so. It sadden me how they can damage a country, and how they are taking peoples dignity and culture as well as their lands. This clearly shows how economic growth and development doesn’t benefit everyone in a country, for example the indigenous tribes that were being forced of their land for oil.It seems that governments, big business and the banks will stop at nothing to get what they want. They get away with it because we all live in a state of ignorance. I wonder when we will say enough and demand that these institutions conduct their business with honesty, integrity and complete transparency.It’s no wonder that these countries hate the United States so passionately. John Perkins we could say is one of many few men that feel it is wrong to contribute “in creating world empire” at the expense of the less
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