Argumentative Essay On Government Debt

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Government Debt: Argumentative Essay Who is to blame for the debt of the U.S. government? Is it one person or more? And if so why do Americans have to suffer because of someone elses mistakes? These are all questions we ask ourselves every day. When will it end? Will we ever find an answer to these questions? Where did it start? Well the debt started from the Great Recession that cost America 10 million jobs! That’s outrageous! The debt frenzy is making that worse. When G.W. Bush was in office he started the deficits by cutting taxes for the wealthy. Wow! Are you serious!? Seems working class Americans are pieces of trash that gets removed and is forever forgotten about. Do Americans really matter to the government and its officials? No! It doesn’t matter that this is a free country or not one of the American people’s voices are heard. They are ignored and forgotten about. But if we take a closer look this Country is not the only one affected by this travesty of debt. The whole world is in turmoil over debt. It’s like a domino effect when one falls down the others follow. So many people are suffering due to this debt and feel there is no hope and no way out.…show more content…
What are they doing? Because don’t seem like they are doing their job. And also can they fix the fiscal crisis and the falling economy? Well the answer to that would be no! It’s just some more empty promises from wealthy, money hungry officials who just want votes and publicity to tell people how they are going to fix things and it will be different. They are in way over their heads and people are tired of listening to broken promises that will never be fulfilled. It just goes back to the beginning that’s to blame? But the biggest question that none of our so called government officials and leaders can answer is
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