Compare and Contrast of Hamelton and Jefferson

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Chris Sadlon SS/ Core 3 Compare contrast Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson have different views about the future of America, but both think there way will make America a better place. Hamilton believed in the government getting stronger with the rise of large companies that can make more jobs. The question is what decision will help us more? As they both had different views they created the first parties but they might have been called the same as now but they were a little different. Jefferson and Hamilton had different thoughts for America and the power for the people. Hamilton thought of a strong central government and though most people were self-ignorant and untrustworthy and they wanted to establish a national bank. He wanted to give money to business men to start companies and be successful. Hamilton’s view saw large corporations that could offer many jobs and increase trade with other countries. The trade would give us money to pay our dept. Hamilton created a national bank which helped us with trade finance and manufacturing. Thomas Jefferson on the other hand thought completely different. He believed in the common man and thought they were very intelligent. He though people could make their own good smart decisions. Jefferson was an anti-federalist, being that he started the republicans and was against the federalist, which Hamilton was. The constitution was used by Jefferson a lot because he wanted to limit the power of the central government and he wanted the power to be based around the legislative branch. Jefferson not just wanted wealthy people to do things but everyone because he knew that people had good enough knowledge. To conclude Jefferson did not want a strong central government. To sum it up Jefferson and Hamilton have a very different view of how the country should be run. One wants a strong central government and one
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