Foreign and Domestic Affairs

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Brooke Speas US History Honors 11/27/12 Evaluate the relative importance of domestic and foreign affairs in shaping American politics in the1790’s. American politics in the 1790’s were a constant reflection of the magnitude and adversity that concurs with maintaining an effective government. Throughout this tough time period, the American leaders experienced both domestic as well as foreign affairs. This had then become the ideal “key” in a new nation. During George Washington’s term, Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed with each other’s views of how the government should run. Jefferson was very strict with staying and adhering to the Constitution, while Hamilton wanted to form new policies that would further progress the economy. Furthermore, foreign affairs such as beginning with the policies towards the French Revolution became a motivating force for influencing American politics. It had then seemed very obvious that these were factors that lead to the success of American politics. In the early 1790’s Washington was elected for president and Alexander Hamilton came along with him. Hamilton quickly established himself as a huge influence in every domestic affair and used his role as Secretary of Treasury to institute controversial plans. While Hamilton’s reports did repay the United States’ debts, they forced tensions between the north and south in terms of state money assumption. He also came up with the idea of a national bank, which he believed would help pay off all the debts America owed to other countries. He assumed that if they did not repay their dues to the other countries, then in time of need they will not come support and help them. This would then limit the states right to print and coin money. States’ rights were also decreased because of the excessive taxes and tariffs. However, his idea of a national bank sparked huge discontent within
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