Why Teens Join Gangs

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Why Teens Join Gangs Teenagers are often emotionally insecure and want to fit in with people who have the same mind set. Teens sometimes choose to associate with people who have a bad effect on them such as gang members. In fact, there are three major reasons why teens choose to join gangs: bad family relationships, drug addiction and influence of other teen gangsters. Perhaps the most common reason for teens to join gangs is bad family relationships. For example, some parents have arguments or fights most of the time which cause stress for their children, and sometimes parents don’t give enough time to their children. Some parents even get divorced and live separately from each other, in this situation, teens don’t get the equal time, love and care they should have. Teenagers want to have a sense of belongingness which they don’t receive from their families, so they turn to their friends or even gang members. Another reason that teenagers join gangs is drug addiction. Teens’ minds are not developed enough to see the difference between enjoyment and physical damage, so that they use harmful drugs for fun. Some of them steal money from their homes, school mates, family members and relatives to buy drugs and some teens even commit to violent acts such as robbery. The need for money to buy drugs can lead teenagers to eventually join gangs. Finally, teens may be attracted to the gang lifestyle or influenced by other teen members to join gangs. Teenagers nowadays want excitement in their lives and they think they can get it by joining gangs. Some of the relatives or friends of teens can influence them to join the gang by tempting them, for example: to make fast money and to have safety and protection. In conclusion, countless studies have shown that if parents communicate with their teenagers, there may

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