“Teen Depression: a Dangerously Overlooked Mental Health Issue”

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Depression is a mental disorder that affects an individuals’ mood and behavior. Depression is mostly common in the teenage society; it causes teens to feel unhappy and hopeless. Depression affects all areas of teen’s lives including home, school performance, and social life. Many teens are quietly suffering from depression due to relationship problems, peer pressure, and self-esteem issues. Relationships in teen lives could have a positive or negative outcome due to the fact that, teens based their whole lives around their relationships. Every teen is different when it comes to relations; some wait until they get to know one another while some rushes right into it. Relationship can raise problems such as stress, neglect of reasonability, and even feel pressured. When teens understand their emotions it allows them to let down their guard. Once a teen have let down their guard in a relationship it leads to them having sexually intercourse. 87% of teenagers today are sexually active and most are sexually active with a person they are not in a relationship with. Sex stimulates feels and no matter how serious the relationship is; it will mentally affect a teen because now they are too involved. As a result of being too attach and things not working out, a teen could be angry all the time, cry a lot, or even feel worthless. Peers can influence their friends to do almost anything; this is way they play a big part in teen lives. The use of drugs is one of the major pressures for teens. For example, you have a group of friends that smoke weed; one person from the group is going to hand you the blunt and tells you smoke it. The first thought that comes to mind is going to tell you “no” but once they start talking about how it’s “no problem” and it “releases stress”, you’re going to try it. Another thing that’s high in peer pressure is binge drinking. When you see your

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