Rape Culture Essay

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Oscar Chen Ms. Norton 2. May.2013 Rape Culture Rape culture has greatly influenced society and has caused women to sink in danger situations. Rape is ultimately caused by men’s urge to enjoy the power they can exert over women’s bodies. Rape not only includes sexual assaults but also serve violent and punishment for women. Rape has affected many cultures and women’s life that we cannot imagine. In E.J. Graff’s article, he puts makes a lot of points that we should think about and change about our world. What exactly is rape? For men, it is simply a means to enjoy women’s bodies. But for women, it is cruel punishment that can never be washed away. As the article mentions, rape is only called rape when it is done to a pure woman, not to a married woman. But from my point of view, unless the woman agrees, it should be designated as violence. Rape culture can be found around the world, especially in India as the article mentions. Most people realize that rape culture is ultimately caused by men’s inability to suppress their urges. But there are people who say that is the women’s fault. E.J. Graff asks, “Why was she out so late at night, provoking men into rage by being openly female?” People blame women for being out so late and night, and it seems like women want men to enjoy them. It is absurd that people would blame women on everything, even when it is not women’s fault. Another cause of rape culture is that men as a whole are stronger than women. In the past women do not have more power than men and now they aren’t physically stronger than them so they would be over powered by men. For example most of the men can force women not to move with their strength, so women cannot escape from men. In the most memorable Sonia Falerio in The New York Times, talks about a teenager’s feeling and actions to prevent this “rape” from happening. She expresses that in order
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